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Floral Design Mattress and Box Spring




Level one Name Brand, Sealy, Serta, Simmons

level two name brand sealy, serta, simmons

level three name brand sealy, serta, simmons, king koil, sterns and foster

Memory Foam

Why we are a real Discounted Furniture and Mattress Company?

Washington DC and surrounding areas has been the target of furniture and mattress companies that charge excessive prices on Furniture and Mattresses and claim they are "discounted". Well, the reality is that they are not really discounted. If a MSRP is set to a really high amount (which these company choose as well), and a certain percentage is discount, then the "discounted" company is charging you a regular price. That is the sad reality for furniture business, and this is exactly where we come in. Capital Discount Furniture and Mattress Company provide discounted furniture and discounted mattresses in Washington DC. Now what makes us different from them? Well our Discount is an actual Discount on Mattress and Furniture. Sectional another store would sell for $900 we would liquidated for $500. Name brand mattresses or memory foam mattresses that major department stores would sell for more than $1200, we would liquidate for $500 or less. We have Queen discounted mattresses starting at $100. No one has that low price anywhere! Believe us, we do our homework. So you see we provide an actual discount on furniture and mattress. Also since we are located in Washington DC area, we can ship anywhere within the DMV metropolitan region. Oh we also have another competitive advantage over other high priced retailers: if you want to pick up the discounted furniture and mattress, you may do so immediately. We carry local stock in the DMV area and allow in store pickups. We also don't demand that you read and believe us immediately (like other stores do), try one of our 6 locations today and you will love what you see, we guarantee it.